HR Consulting for all business phases, from startups to renewal

Expert guidance in recruitment, performance management, and employee development to nurture and strengthen your workforce through all stages of your business's evolution.

Tailored HR consulting solutions.

My tailored HR Consulting Solutions encompass a range of services adeptly suited for businesses at any phase, from emerging startups to those in stages of renewal. This personalised approach to Strategic HR Consulting is crafted to meet the diverse requirements of each unique business. Recognising the distinct challenges and opportunities that businesses encounter at different stages, I focus on delivering customised strategies that foster growth and organisational development. My services range from developing innovative recruitment strategies and effective performance management systems to designing employee development programs. With a commitment to working closely with each business, I aim to design and implement strategies that not only drive growth but also enhance the overall development of your organisation. Leveraging my extensive HR expertise and industry insights, I am dedicated to helping you build a resilient and dynamic workforce that is instrumental in achieving long-term business success.

Consulting Process

I provide a structured yet flexible consulting approach, adapting to your business's unique needs. This involves close collaboration, clear communication, and iterative steps to ensure the consulting process aligns perfectly with your business objectives and growth trajectory.

Initial Assessment

The journey begins with a comprehensive initial assessment, where I delve into understanding your business's current HR practices, challenges, and goals. This crucial phase lays the groundwork for crafting bespoke HR strategies that resonate with your business's specific phase and aspirations

Strategy Development

In this phase, I develop tailored HR strategies that support your business's growth and organisational development. Drawing on a wealth of HR expertise, these strategies range from innovative recruitment to dynamic employee development, all designed to foster a strong, adaptable workforce aligned with your long-term vision.


Enhanced HR Efficiency and Talent Management

My strategic HR consulting services provides you with customised strategies for long-term growth and organisational development. I understand the unique challenges faced by startups and business in the growth or renewal phase, and I tailor solutions to address those challenges effectively.

Improved HR Efficiency and Talent Management
Strategic Alignment with Business Goals
Working with the Paul Arnesen was a game-changer for us early on. His knowledge and strategic insights helped us better understand how to manage our offerings to a broader market.

Karolina A

Senior Partner Manager, Lano

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