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Hi, I'm Paul Arnesen

With more than a decade of international HR experience, I specialise in transforming HR for global companies. My approach involves scaling workforces, enhancing leadership development, and fostering inclusive cultures that drive organisational success.

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Paul Arnesen
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How I can help you

I will develop your business's potential with targeted strategies for each phase of growth.
No matter your current challenge, I'm here to guide you towards success.

Start ups


Building Your Foundation

I help your start-up avoid early pitfalls, setting a strong HR and talent foundation. We'll define roles, ensure compliance, and cultivate a culture that promises lasting success.

Growth and Establishment

Growth and Establishment

Sustainable Scaling

As your company expands, I'll refine your HR & people strategies to support growth and harmony. We'll focus on maintaining a positive culture and legal compliance for a loyal, productive team.

Renewal and Transition

Renewal and Transition

Expert Transformation Guidance

During growth and change, I'm your HR partner for aligning culture with vision. Together, we'll navigate transitions smoothly, ensuring compliance and employee satisfaction.

Your Global Human Capital Strategist

I bring to you over two decades of international, multilingual HR expertise. As a Norwegian-born global citizen with hands-on experience in building and managing diverse teams across continents, I will be your dedicated partner in navigating the complex world of human capital. Whether it's leveraging the potential of remote work or crafting global compensation strategies, I am here to address your company's unique challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth and harmony.

More about me.

paul arnesen
Paul changes HR for the better. With his eye on the latest in HR, he creates places where everyone thrives. His smart advice makes teams work well together, proving he's a top pick in HR.

Arild Tangen

Founder, SC Sarpsborg

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Explore online courses and workshops for honing multicultural team management and communication skills, empowering you to excel in diverse global work environments.

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