Global perspective, cultural diversity, strong communication skills

Working with me means you'll benefit from my unique global perspective, a deep commitment to cultural diversity, and strong communication skills honed over 20 years in various industries across all continents. I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you build and grow your human capital. My passion for cross-cultural management and communication in globally focused companies ensures that I can help you engage and retain the best people for your team. Leveraging my experience in areas such as headhunting and recruitment, digital marketing, or optimizing human capital, I am here to steer your business towards success.


Appearances & Publications

Here is a selection of my public speaking, experiences, insights, and contributions in the field of HR, Remote Work and more. From podcast appearances to published works, discover the depth of knowledge and expertise I bring to the global HR landscape.

How to recruit the best talent for global expansion

In this Lano podcast, I shared Talentroo, my recruitment agency, journey from a platform offering pre-recorded interviews to becoming a remote-first global recruitment agency.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series

In a Recruit CRM feature, I discuss my journey from youthful aspirations to founding Talentroo, a global recruitment agency. I touch upon my early career, the inception of Talentroo, and its innovative approach to recruitment.

How much should I pay my global employees?

In a second Lano podcast episode, I discussed the essentials of global compensation strategies. Drawing from my extensive experience, I shared insights on setting the right pay for international employees.

HR Fundamentals for a Career in Human Resources

In my book 'HR Fundamentals for a Career in Human Resources,' I explore three key HR aspects: work/life balance, global workforce, and occupational health and safety. This guide, written over a decade ago, remains relevant for both new and seasoned HR professionals.

Remote Recruitment Industry - Trends & Forecasts

In a discussion with Remote Work Advocate, Nadia Harris, I shared insights about Talentroo, highlighting the innovative approach used in HR and when it comes to remote recruitment, and look into the future of the recruitment industry.

The Future of Work - is Piecemeal & Contractual

In a contribution to Humanise, I highlighted the changing perception of contractors in the workforce, emphasizing their growing value for skills and expertise and advocating for equal growth opportunities within organisations.


How others have described working with me.

Working with Paul on international recruitment projects was rewarding. His innovative approach to sourcing and project management skills allowed for deep exploration of marketing platforms, optimizing the candidate journey through various methods. Paul's cheerful nature and self-critical approach ensure both a pleasant work environment and successful outcomes.

Dominic van Bergen

Online Marketer

Their no one factor which gains anyone 5 Star. There is combination of various elements which brings the best experience. Paul is very professional and made full use of automation meld with timely and professional responses.

I wish him the best and hope employers take full advantage of the futuristic idea in Human Resources Paul has developed.

Shirish Khedkar

Customer Success Officer

I worked with Paul on an online recruitment project for the Japanese market. As the manager of the department, he gave me clear direction and guidance. At the same time, he left me free to work out the details of the project. This allowed me to try different marketing techniques, be creative and have fun. It has helped me to develop my marketing skills.

Koichiro Sugimori

Digital Marketing Consultancy for Japanese Market

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