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The Importance of Great Systems for Remote Management

remote team management
Written by
Paul Arnesen
Published on
June 28, 2024
Human Capital Management
Remote Work Management

Essential Tools for Remote Management

In an ever more digital age, remote work is now less of a trend and more—or less—a requirement.

In this new normal, businesses have had to adapt - managing people remotely is now more important than ever.

Without these kinds of systemic checks and balances, companies actually stand to lose money; damage their carefully crafted image in the industry or with consumers; drop morale amongst employees who will worry that they are being overlooked for promotions again as new faces move in above them.

This is why you need great management tools such as Connecteam to manage your remote team effectively.

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The Problems With Managing People Remotely

Remote team management is an entirely different beast that can be very challenging when it comes to productivity, and fostering communication & culture building in the team. Some common issues include:

  • Communication Gaps: With a lack of in person communication, messages can be muddled and missed leading to errors and annoyance.
  • Lack of Oversight: How to know and guarantee that all members of your staff are really working?
  • Isolation: Remote employees may not feel connected to their colleagues and company culture, which typically results in lower engagement and morale.

Financial Consequences of Ineffective Leadership

For organisations, the financial stakes are high when remote teams programmes fail to meet their management mandate. Perils from Inadequate Systems

The Role of the Right Management Systems

Remote People Management System: managing people remotely also requires a system to allow for communication, task management and performance tracking. Check out how ride-along management tools like Connecteam can help;

Streamlined Communication

  • Instant Messaging: Connecteam has real-time messaging, which means all team members are up-to-date and informed.
  • Surveys & Feedback: Routine surveys to measure job satisfaction and areas that may need attention
  • Knowledge Base: All important documents and information are accessible in one place that ensures everybody knows, lessens miscommunication.

Efficient Task Management

  • Scheduling & Time Tracking: Create schedules, track work hours and handle payroll with ease.
  • Task Lists & Checklists: Assign tasks, track progress and provide accountability with customised lists and forms​ - See example on Connecteam

Performance Monitoring

  • Reports: Create reports and track both team performance as well as trends or issues with ink.
  • Reward & Recognition: Keep morale high by recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work and achievements.

Learn how to do thing smarter with Connecteam.

Connecteam Benefits

Connecteam is the only solution for managing remote workforces that goes beyond all in one, comprehensive software capabilities to streamline operations and increase communication while driving productivity. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Easy to Use Interface: Designed for non-tech members of the team, so everyone can understand how it works in a seamless manner.
  • Compose workflows, forms and communication channels as per your requirement
  • Offers the most bang for your buck: Free offering available to small businesses (10 users) and very affordable pricing.

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Successful remote management of people is not only needed to maintain the productivity and satisfaction your employees get from working at home, but it can also be the difference between success or failure as a company.

With investments in fine management systems like Connecteam, the hurdles of remote work would be a matter of past and become an asset for businesses to rule over todays digital era.

What's next?

Do you want to improve your remote team management? Give Connecteam a try now and get your 14-day free trial!

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