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Global HR Expert Recommended Employer of Record 2024

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Written by
Paul Arnesen
Published on
February 12, 2024
Compensation Strategy
Global Expansion

Companies increasingly seek Employer of Record (EOR) services to streamline their international hiring and HR processes in the rapidly evolving global business landscape.

With over 10 years of experience in human resources and global workforce development, I've seen firsthand the impact of EOR services on businesses looking to expand globally.

Here is my recommended Employer of Record Providers (EOR) for companies seeking global talents in 2024.

EOR is more accessible than ever

EOR services are more than simply a functional answer for companies wishing to expand abroad; they serve as a strategic partner critical to negotiating the complexity of international marketplaces.

They provide comprehensive help, from assuring compliance with local employment regulations to managing payroll and HR chores, letting businesses focus on their core operations without the added stress of establishing legal entities in each new region.

These services make it easier to penetrate new markets and give businesses a competitive advantage by allowing them to access a larger talent pool.

This is especially useful in today's global economy when hiring top people is critical to success.

Businesses that associate with an EOR can benefit from local expertise and insights, making global expansion a possibility and a strategic advantage.

What companies should use an EOR?

Businesses looking to scale up quickly by tapping into global talent pools without the legal and logistical hassle of creating subsidiaries in each nation benefit from EOR services.

For instance:

  • U.S. tech businesses looking for software developers in Eastern Europe can use an EOR to manage local employment rules, payroll, and taxes, letting it focus on product development.
  • A European e-commerce company entering the Asian market may partner with an EOR to onboard sales and marketing professionals in various Asian countries, using local expertise and insights to tailor their strategy to each market and ensure compliance and payroll management without regional offices.
  • A manufacturing company in the United States is looking to test the European market by hiring a local sales team in Germany.

Any company looking to grow globally should use an EOR if they don't have an entity in the country they want to hire for.

What should you look for in an employer of record?

A strong EOR should provide worldwide payroll services, comply with local employment rules, and facilitate international hiring and onboarding.

Additionally, it should enable employee benefits management and have a substantial tax and compliance infrastructure in many jurisdictions.

They must also have a user-friendly platform and good communication to help companies efficiently manage their worldwide staff.

Making sure you have a remote team legally employed is much easier with an EOR, and paying remote workers is not just a numbers game; it's a balancing act involving many factors. These platforms help you manage this.

Best Employer of Records for 2024

I personally recommend Papaya, Deal, Oyster, and Lano because they can manage worldwide payroll, comply with local labour rules, and simplify international hiring.

Deel's country coverage, flexible employment solutions, Oyster's transparency and employee benefits, Lano's payroll and contractor management tools, and Papaya Global's comprehensive payroll and compliance solutions cater to diverse business needs across the globe.

Throughout my HR career, I have either worked with these employers of records, partnered with them, used them for my own employees or recommended them to my clients.

Businesses looking to develop abroad without the hassle of local corporations benefit from these services.

Let's look at each employer of record in more detail.


Papaya Global offers a comprehensive global workforce management platform focusing on end-to-end payroll, payments, compliance, and data security.

They provide solutions for managing payroll and payments in over 160 countries, focusing on automation, real-time compliance monitoring, and connectivity with HR systems.

Papaya Global seeks to ease the difficulties of global hiring by providing specialised customer service and employing technology to ensure effective and compliant workforce management.

Papaya at a Glance


☑️ Provides global payroll solutions in 160+ countries, assuring compliance and operational effectiveness.

☑️ Automates payroll and HR processes, including tax, benefits, and compliance.

☑️ A user-friendly interface improves the management experience for HR teams and employees.

☑️ Advanced analytics enable real-time insights into payroll processes and compliance status.

Take note:

→ Customisation possibilities may differ depending on local requirements despite the complete services offered.

→ Pricing models are intended to be scalable, but organisations must carefully assess them to ensure that they reflect their growth.

papaya button

The Papaya platform

Papaya Global is a top choice for managing a global workforce, offering comprehensive payroll and compliance solutions.

It provides automated workflows and extensive local compliance knowledge, making it a trusted partner for managing global employment challenges.

Papaya Global's platform gives organisations a strategic advantage when hiring swiftly and legally worldwide.

Visit Papaya's website to learn how they can help you improve your hiring and HR procedures worldwide.

papaya demo


Oyster, a global employment platform that democratises talent and job opportunities, simplifies international remote workforce hiring and management.

Oyster provides payroll, benefits, compliance, and tax solutions in over 180 countries to help businesses hire anywhere without the legal and logistical challenges of international hiring.

Oyster helps firms develop global teams and promotes a more inclusive and equitable workplace by reducing cross-border employment restrictions, making it a vital enabler in the future of work.

oyster logo

Oyster at a Glance


☑️ Oyster helps organisations hire employees and contractors in over 180 countries, assuring worldwide reach and compliance.

☑️ The software streamlines the hiring process by creating compliance employment agreements, payroll, and benefits with a few clicks. It promises to provide localised agreements quickly.

☑️ Straightforward and User-Friendly: Oyster's transparent pricing and user-friendly platform make it easy and reliable for users. The user-friendly software provides fast salary disbursement and a well-maintained document management portal.

☑️ Oyster prioritises employee-centric solutions by offering attractive offers and perks based on local data, assuring compliance and competitiveness in local markets to attract and retain top people.

Take note:

→ While Oyster provides extensive coverage, local partners may be the Employers of Record in some countries, impacting response time for employee inquiries or issues.

→ Users have reported issues controlling monthly spending for international employees, suggesting Oyster might improve its ability to track and manage these swings.

green button

The Oyster platform


With its seamless service, deep local knowledge, and automated workflows, Oyster stands out as a global employment option.

This makes it a trusted partner for businesses that want to navigate the complicated world of global employment.

Their platform gives businesses a strategic edge when they want to reach more people and hire people from around the globe efficiently and legally.

Visit Oyster's website to learn how they can help you improve your global hiring and HR processes.



Lano, a worldwide HR platform, simplifies foreign personnel management, allowing organisations to quickly expand internationally.

Lano offers global payroll, compliance, and payment solutions in over 170 countries to make global employment accessible to organisations of all sizes.

Lano eliminates the need for several local companies and navigates international labour rules for its clients by providing an all-in-one platform for hiring, onboarding, and paying employees and contractors worldwide.

This method helps firms expand globally and promotes a varied and linked global workforce.

Lano Logo

Lano at a Glance


☑️ Lano simplifies worldwide recruiting and payroll. It provides a payroll management platform for international businesses, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

☑️ Lano provides the infrastructure to acquire, onboard, and pay people compliantly in over 170 countries, helping businesses expand abroad. Making cross-border payments in local currencies facilitates global expansion initiatives.

☑️ Lano's platform is user-friendly, offering global payroll and hiring guides and a payroll and hiring academy to help firms operate globally. Case studies and complete support systems assist organisations in grasping the benefits of utilising Lano for worldwide expansion.

Take note:

→ Despite their global reach, Lano provides EOR services through a network of local partners. Partnering with local specialists enables compliance with area rules and regulations but may impact service delivery based on partner performance.

Platform connectors and Support: Lano's ecosystem lets organisations connect their payroll and HR IT stack with various connectors and partners. Seamless integration across systems helps boost global payroll administration efficiency and save workload.

Green button

The Lano platform

Lano EOR

Lano is a strong option for companies that want to handle the complicated world of global payroll and hiring.

When businesses use Lano's services, they can focus on what they do best, knowing that their needs for foreign employees are being met quickly and legally.

For more information on how Lano can help your global expansion, the most complete and up-to-date summary is to check their website directly.

Lano CTA


With its global payroll and compliance platform, Deel transforms multinational team hiring, payment, and management.

Deel allows businesses to hire anyone, anywhere, without establishing foreign corporations, addressing global employment issues.

Deel streamlines international payroll, tax, and benefits management in over 150 countries while adhering to local laws.

Their technology allows organisations to easily access global talent pools and individuals to work remotely, demonstrating the changing nature of work.

Deel's growth and adoption show that today's global economy requires flexible, international employment solutions.

Deel Logo

Deel at a Glance


☑️ Comprehensive Global Coverage: Deel simplifies international expansion by handling local legal compliance, payroll, and benefits for enterprises hiring in over 150 countries without establishing corporations.

☑️ Simplified Payroll and Compliance Management: Manages payroll, taxes, and benefits on one platform, ensuring organisations comply with local laws. This involves tax document processing automation.

☑️ Flexible Employment Solutions: Deel enables full-time and contractor personnel, making it easier for firms to scale globally with payroll currency selection to fit local preferences.

Take note:

→ Customisation and Support: Tailored services and support for multinational businesses. Legal, HR, and tax expertise are available.

Putting Technology First: Deel's platform simplifies worldwide team administration with digital contracts, e-signatures, and a dashboard for tracking and managing employees and contractors.

The Deel platform

Deel EOR

Deel simplifies global recruiting and payroll for enterprises.

By providing international payment solutions, robust data protection, dedicated customer support, and local legal compliance, Deel streamlines global workforce management.

It simplifies international hiring with localised contracts and a secure cooperation and document management platform.

Deel has the tools and services to grow globally or manage remote workers.

For more on how Deel can improve your worldwide hiring and payroll procedures, visit their website.

Deel CTA


Finally, Employer of Record (EOR) services like Deel, Oyster, and Lano are crucial as organisations handle worldwide development and growth.

These customised platforms simplify payroll and compliance management worldwide and let organisations access global personnel.

EOR services facilitate hiring and eliminate local legal organisation requirements, allowing firms to scale globally.

EOR services handle international employment administration and legal responsibilities for remote workers abroad.

Firms aiming to improve global workforce development while retaining compliance and operational efficiency should use these EOR services in 2024.

Deel, Oyster, and Lano can help businesses expand globally.

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