Meet Paul Arnesen

International, multilingual HR, global professional strategist & adviser with 20 years of experience in various industries across all continents. Norwegian-born, global citizen.

Globally focused entrepreneur with years of experience working in and for multinational companies, with exposure and hands-on experience in building and managing teams of people from all cultures.

In addition to having founded and operating a remote recruitment Agency, Paul is currently engaged as a global adviser and human capital strategist for startups across Europe and Asia.

He has lived and worked in 6 countries on three continents and operated remotely since 2014. Currently he is residing in Milano, Italy.

Guest appearances

Paul Arnesen appears virtually and in-person talking about recruitment, global team and more. To book Paul for your show or event, send an email here.

How to recruit the best talent for global expansion

Paul guested the State of Work podcast by Lano to talk about global growth and recruitment.

Global compensation strategies: How much should I pay my global employees?

For the second time, Paul guested the State of Work podcast by Lano now to talk about global compensation strategies.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs

Paul was the guest on Recruit CRM and their podcast series, Recruitment Entrepreneurs.

Remote job recruiter Q&A

Paul was asked to host a Q&A about remote jobs for the Facebook group Remote Jobs and Digital Nomads.

Interviews and contributions

Articles and interviews where Paul Arnesen has contributed or been featured.


Paul Arnesen
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