Executive recruitment

Global headhunter for start-ups, FinTech, web3 and SaaS firms.
Trust in companies is trust in people. Hiring the right people is branding.
Who do you want to associate with your start-up or high-growth business?
Do not leave recruitment of top talents to amateurs.

Why you are here

You seek excellence, but searching for the right candidate is time-consuming, and knowing if you are looking in the right place is complex. Applicants through job ads could be better quality, and you waste a lot of time on low-level quality candidates.

Your profile

Ambitious start-up or company with the intention to grow. Respectful of talents, and with the urge to let your people help you build your success. Creative and innovative. FinTech, Web3, SaaS with global reach.

My commitment

You need a recruitment partner invested in your success. Someone who can put in the time and effort to present you only top talents. You focus on the forward momentum, and I will provide the fuel.